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Use our convenient Canvas templates to see exactly how your image will appear as a finished three dimensional Portrait.
Choose 5/8" for picture framing or 1-1/2" for ready-to-hang.
Call or email us if you need a custom size template.

     Showing: 1-1/2" deep    |    Switch to: 5/8"

     Standard Art Industry Sizes:
      8x10 | 11x14 | 16x20 | 18x24 | 20x24 | 24x30 | 30x40

     Square Sizes:
      12x12 | 16x16 | 20x20 | 24x24 | 30x30 | 36x36 | 42x42 | 48x48

     35mm Pro Format (2x3) Rectangular Sizes:
      12x18 | 16x24 | 20x30 | 24x36 | 40x60

     Panoramic Rectangular Sizes:
      12x30 | 12x36 | 14x36 | 20x36

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